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Kumma Bar & Street Kitchen @Hallituskatu 14   


Tue-Thu 14 – 18

Fri 15 – 02 & Sat 14 – 18

Sunday will be later announced.
Mondays are closed.


Hallituskatu 14 Tampere




Garlic rye breadsticks with aioli (L) 4,90€

Sweet potato fries with aioli (L, G, V) 5,90€

Halloumi fries (G) 7,50€
Pineapple chilli jam, mint yoghurt and pomegranate seeds

Gangnam Style Chicken (L, G on demand) 7,90€
Tender chicken bites in gochujang syrup. Served with nice and spicy kimchi and ponzu mayo.

Veggienam Style Chicken (Vegan) 8,50
Gochujang-syrup in soy-based “veggie chicken” bites. Kimchi and ponzuma mayonnaise dip. 

Sneaky Slider 2pcs (L, inc. nut) 8,90€
Beef brisket, aioli and marinated tomato. Chili oil and mind boggling tomato sauce straight from the deep corners of our chef’s soul. All this between Kumma’s own flat bread.

Risotto Balls (L, G, V) 8,50€
Kumma’s classic: Balls of deep fried risotto with aioli and hot tomato sauce. Mamma mia!

Tao Bao Buns (L or V) 9,80€
”Tao Tao’s favourite Bao Buns”
Finnish pork neck and gochujang syrup, kimchi, ponzu mayo and pickled vegetables. (L)


Deep fried tofu, mildly spiced coconut and soy sauce, marinated red cabbage and ponzu mayo. (V)



Veggie Fest (L, G, inc. nut) 15,50€
Kumma’s own veatballs and vegan cheese dip. Halloumi fries with spicy tomato sauce. Fresh salad with walnut syrup, marinated tomato and crumbled blue cheese. Risotto balls and aioli and some kimchi.

Meat Fest (L) 15,50€
Tender Finnish pork neck and spicy kimchi. Fried pickle and sour cream with hint of lime. Local “Nakki Hannu”‘s chorizo. Rye breadsticks and aioli. Beef brisket and savoury chili oil.

Seitan’s Kapsalon (L, V) 14,50€
The head honcho of Dutch midnight grubs! Vegem’s seitan “kebab”, lettuce, marinated tomatoes and red onion. Succulent vegan cheese sauce, aioli and hot tomato sauce. Served with a side of fries.

Kebarbapapa (V, L) 17,80€
Pita ”kebab” made of Vegem’s seasoned seitan. Marinated red cabbage and red onion, lettuce, vegan chipotle mayo, chilli tomato sauce and fresh tzatziki. Served with a side of fries.  

Knöder (L) 17,80€
Pita kebab made of brisket simmered with great love and care. Marinated red cabbage and red onion, lettuce, chilli and tomato sauce, chipotle mayo and tzatziki. Served with side of fries.

Smash my b***h up! (Smash burger) (L, G on demand) 16,90€
2 x 90g juicy burgers and cheddar between potato-based buns. Chilli mayo, lettuce, marinated red onion and little bit of spiced oil-thingie. Served with a side of fries.

Veg me up Scotty! (Veg burger) (V, G on demand) 16.90€
2 x 90g “Muu”-veggie patties between crispy buns. Chilli mayo, lettuce, marinated tomato and little bit of spiced oil-thingie. Served with a side of fries.

Poodles (L or V, G on demand) 14,90€
Rice noodles and bok choy stir-fried with ponzu sauce. Red cabbage, marinated vegetables, ginger and kimchi. Your choice of protein; Chicken or tofu.




Daytripping with Papa Smurf (L, G/V on demand) 8,50€
Marshmallow brûlée and zingy red currant

Chocolate turbine 8,90€
Honest and little bit over the top dark chocolate brownie! Served with white chocolate, salted caramel and cherry marinated pomegranate seeds.

L: Lactose-free
G: Gluten-free
V: Vegan

Please inform our staff with your diet so we can
tailor the best suited dish for you.

Junk Bar Kumma Oy

Tuesday to thursdays 14 – 18 / fridays 14 – 18 and saturdays 14 – 18

Kitchen open from opening to 22pm. 

Saturday Brunch from 12 to 15 (ON HOLD!)

Sundays and Mondays closed


Aleksanterinkatu 20, Tampere

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