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An urban living room in the heart of the Tampere’s heartbeat.
Soul food from Berlin, Prague and as well Budapest.

Tuesday to Saturday 16-01 / Friday 15-02 / Saturday 12-02
Kitchen from opening – 22.00 (Tasty tidbits and Yummy Platters to 23.30)
Sunday and Monday closed


Aleksanterinkatu 20 Tampere – Location on map


Kumma’s Tasty Tidbits 4€/PCS

(Gluten-free options available)


• Smoked salmon ceviche (L)

• Garlig butter and air dried ham (L)

• Goat’s cheese and ajvar (L)

• Roughly traditional bruschetta (vegan, L)


Kumma’s Yummy Platters

(Gluten-free options available)

Vegan Platter (vegan, L) 12€
– Falafel with soy tzatziki
– Seitan kebab skewer with chilli-basil dressing
– Sweet potato chips/fries and aioli/garlic mayonnaise


The Meatfest (L, G)  12€                            – Pork ribs American style                           – Noitapilli (Witch’s whistle) sausage           and  magic mustard
– Moskva salami and braided cheese
– Crispy cumin grissini and allioli


Veggie Platter (L, G) 12€
Crunchy arancini with garlic mayo         – Halloumi fries, yoghurt sauce, Devil’s       jam,  pomegranate and mint
Marinated tofu skewer
– Romaine lettuce, Aura- blue cheese,       walnut syrup and marinated tomato


Cheesie Platter (L,G) 12€
Nuori Herra from Heikkilä cheeses        – Squeaky cheese (Juustoportti) with         cloudberry caramel
PunaHeidi (Herkkujuustola)
Chef’s seedy crispbread with walnut       syrup


Escargots à la Kumma (L,G) 10€

– Served in a summery dress of herb-butter, broiled salami and Aura- blue cheese and a marinated tomato sombrero. Country-style bread as your spoon.

The Kook’s Champi(gn)ons (L, Gluten-free available) (L, G) 10€          (Vegan option available)                             – Munchable mushrooms awarded a trophy of herb-butter, blue cheese and marinated tomato. Country-style bread as your spoon.

Very Immense Portions (V.I.P)s

(Available until 22.00)

Junk´le -Food salad (Vegan, L, G) small 9€ / large 13€

– Fresh salad, beetroot quinoa, blueberries, avocado, chili-broccoli, fruits and granola. -Seed crackers/crispbread

Tune Up your salad! 4€ / pcs

– Tofu (vegan) -seitankebab (vegan)        – grilled chicken fillet -halloumi -falafel (vegan) – goat cheese

Chef´s community carden  (vegan, L) 19€                                              – Cauliflower fritters with a blue cheese dip, tofu skewer with marinated tomato, sweetpeas and radish, cucumber, carrots, roasted sweet potato with garlic mayo and chef’s seedy crispbread. Bonus level: house cricket snacks. (Yes, you can have it sans crickets)

Kebarbapapa (vegan, L) 18€
– Seitan kebab in pita bread with sweet potato fries, marinated red cabbage, vegan chipotle-chilli, tomato-chilli sauce and cool mint yoghurt.

“Lovely little fish” (L, G) 22€
– Geyser propelled red drum from the coast of Iceland. Zucchini purée, radish, sweetpeas and roasted tomato. Spinach, mushrooms and Kumma’s adorable ajvar.

Festival Bread -Go Vegan- (Vegan, L) 16€                                                              – Soy frankfurters on a festive futon of garlic bread. Kumma’s house mustard, napa cabbage, spinach, chipotle mayo and guacamole.

Festival bread -Just Go- (L) 16€               – A festival between garlic bread with all the headliners! Witch’s Whistle sausage, house mustard, napa cabbage, spinach, chipotle mayo and guacamole.

Chicken goat cheese ravioli (L) 19€

It´s veggie without the chicken  15€  – Herb- heaped ravishing ravioli with goat cheese cream and succulent chicken breast. Kumma’s famous ajvar as a spicy side-kick, and a scrumptious rocket, red onion and balsamico crunch.

After skitzel (L) 25€                             – Solarium-bronzed and DeLoreaned to this exact moment in time, the traditional wiener schnitzel with lemon, beer sauce, potato wedges, dreamy allioli and roasted capers

Schoytzel (Vegan, G, L) 22€                   – Greener than an alpine meadow with lemon, potato wedges, heavenly allioli and roasted capers


The Afterparty

Unicorn love (Vegan, L) 6€

– A harmonious cavort of vegan meringue cookies and lemon mousse with fresh blueberries and raspberries.


Kumma´s titillations (vegan, L) 6€
– Vanilla ice cream with spruce sprout syrup and strawberries

– Sangria sorbe with fresh orange and pomegranate

– Strawberry margarita sorbe, Óle! 


Baileys foam and strawberries (G) 6€   (Vegana option available)
– The headline says it all. Yummyy..

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Junk Bar Kumma Oy

Tuesday to Thursdays 16-00 (01). (Kitchen 16 – 23.30)

Fridays 15-02. (Kitchen 15 – 23.30)

Saturdays 12-02. (Kitchen 12 – 23.30)

Sundays and Mondays closed


Aleksanterinkatu 20, Tampere

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