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An urban living room in the heart of the Tampere’s heartbeat.
Soul food from Berlin, Prague and as well Budapest.

Tuesday to Saturday 16-01 / Friday 15-02 / Saturday 12-02
Kitchen from opening – 22.00 (Tasty tidbits and Yummy Platters to 23.30)
Sunday and Monday closed


Aleksanterinkatu 20 Tampere – Location on map

EAT & DRINK (To be updated soon…)

Kumma’s Tasty Tidbits

 (Gluten-free options available)


Smoked salmon ceviche and guacamole on ciabatta bread (L) 5€

Vegan tacos (2 pcs) with crunchy corn crust (Vegan, L, G) 6€

– Fresh tomatosalsa with jalopenos and peach. Lemon and peach freiche on top.


Halloum fries  (L, G) 7€

– sweet chili jam and cool yogurt sauce.  Pomegranate seeds and fresh mint. 

Sweet potato fries and aioli                    (Vegan, G) 6€


Kummas deep fried cauliflower bits with blue cheese dip and hot wings sause (Vegan, G)  6€

Cheek slider (mini burger) 7€ 

– deep fried pork cheek, becon jam, chipotle mayo and smoked cheese. 


Escargots à la Kumma (L,G) 10€

– Served in a summery dress of herb-butter, broiled salami and Aura- blue cheese and a marinated tomato sombrero. Country-style bread as your spoon.

The Kook’s Champi(gn)ons (L, Gluten-free available) (L, G) 10€                (Vegan option available)                             – Munchable mushrooms awarded a trophy of herb-butter, blue cheese and marinated tomato. Country-style bread as your spoon.










Kumma’s Yummy Platters

 (Gluten-free options available)


Vegan Platter (vegan, L) 13€

– Beetroot -favebean dumpling and  tzatziki.                                                          – Quorn -patty, chipotle mayo, arugula and red onion. – Sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo.

 Veggie Platter (L, G) 13€

Crunchy arancini with garlic mayo         – Halloumi fries, yoghurt sauce, Devil’s       jam,  pomegranate and mint
Marinated tofu skewer
– Romaine lettuce, Aura- blue cheese,       walnut syrup and marinated tomato


Surf but not so turf Platter (L, G, inc. nuts) 14€ 

– Red wine cooked squid and tzatziki.    – Salmon -crabcake and soy mayo.          – Scallob, beetroot and basil  -cucumber.                                                       – Seed crackers/crispbread

Cheesie Platter (LL, G)  12€                      – Grilled goat’s cheese, pine nuts, rocket, raspberry and balsamico.              – Aura cheese with apple and nut preserve.                                                          – Manchego with fig jam.                            – Seed crackers/crispbread


Very Immense Portions (V.I.P)s

(Available until 22.00)

A winter wonderland soup (Bumbkin soup) (Vegan, L, G, inc. nuts and almonds) 14€

Ghoulish goulash (L) 15€

A murky thick broth with lamb, pork and beef. bubbling with chilli, ajvar and sour cream. Served with garlic bread to soak it up!

Chef´s community carden 2.0  (vegan, L) 19€                                              – Cauliflower fritters with a blue cheese dip, tofu skewer with marinated tomato, sweetpeas and radish, cucumber, carrots, roasted sweet potato with garlic mayo and chef’s seedy crispbread. 

Kebarbapapa (vegan, L) 18€
– Seitan kebab in pita bread with sweet potato fries, marinated red cabbage, vegan chipotle-chilli, tomato-chilli sauce and cool mint yoghurt.


Chicken goat cheese ravioli (L) 19€

It´s veggie without the chicken  15€  – Herb- heaped ravishing ravioli with goat cheese cream and succulent chicken breast. Kumma’s famous ajvar as a spicy side-kick, and a scrumptious rocket, red onion and balsamico crunch.


Kumm arigato  (L, G) 20€

Oriental vibed crispy salmon with deep fried zucchini and grilled persimmon. Served with parsnip chips, ginger and rosemary. Mint and basil flavoured cucumber. Wasabi, soy mayonnaise and shoots.


Cheek (G, L, inc. nuts) 21€

Mouth -watering pork cheek with red wine -salvia potatoes. Bacon jam and beetroot pyre. Jalopenos to give some edge and grilled pineapple to make you smile.


 The Afterparty

 Unicorn love (Vegan, L) 6,50€

– A harmonious cavort of vegan meringue cookies and lemon mousse with fresh blueberries and raspberries.


 Tinder Bells & Lebrechauns        (Vegan, L) 6,50€                                       

 – A grand alliance and a super like of a Oreo cookie and minty white chocolate foam.  


Baileys foam and strawberries (G) 6,50€   (Vegan option available)

– The headline says it all. Yummyy..




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Junk Bar Kumma Oy

Tuesday to Thursdays 16-00 (01). (Kitchen 16 – 23.30)

Fridays 15-02. (Kitchen 15 – 23.30)

Saturdays 12-02. (Kitchen 12 – 23.30)

Sundays and Mondays closed


Aleksanterinkatu 20, Tampere

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