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Kumma’s Small Smooches


Garlic rye breadsticks with aioli (L) 6€
Sweet potato fries with garlic mayo (Vegan, G) 6,50€


Halloumi fries (L, G)  7€’
Sweet chilli jam, tzatziki, pomegranate seeds and mint


Kumma’s Fried Cauliflower
(Vegan, G) 7€
”Blue cheese”-dip and semi-hot wing sauce


Pork ribs with our own spicy BBQ-sauce  8€


Weird ´O Fries (L, G)  8€
French fries topped with cheddar, jalapeno and aioli

Escargots à la Kumma (L, G)  12€

Served in a summery dress of herb-butter, broiled salami and Aura- blue cheese and a marinated tomato sombrero. Country-style bread as your spoon.


The Kook’s Champi(gn)ons (L, Gluten-free available)  12€ 

(Vegan option available)                          

Munchable mushrooms awarded a trophy of herb-butter, blue cheese and marinated tomato. Country-style bread as your spoon.

Kumma’s Yummy Platters


Veggie Platter (L, G, inc. nut)  15€

– Arancini with garlic mayo
– Vegan Chicken skewer with chipotle mayo
– Halloumi fries with sweet chilli jam, yoghurt sauce, pomegranate seeds and mint
– Romaine lettuce, blue cheese, walnut syrup and marinated tomato 

What to drink with? Malmgård Queen Sour -beer


Beastie Platter (L)  15€

– Pork ribs with our own spicy BBQ-sauce
– Spicy ”Witch´s whistle” -sausage and mustard
– Garlic rye breadsticks and garlic mayo

 Gulp down with: Parajes del Valle Monastrell (red wine)


Seitans Frenchies (Vegan) 14€

– Classic snack bar portion á la Kumma.
– French fries and soy-chorizo.
– Avocado, red onion, pickled cucumber, Kumma´s mustard, aioli and chipotle mayo.

With salty treat: refreshing ASAHI -beer

Very Immense Portions (V.I.P)s


Knöder (L)  18€

Pita kebab made out of brisket simmered with great love and care. Marinated red cabbage and red onion, lettuce, chipotle and chilli-basil mayo and tzatziki. Served with French fries.

Down the hatch! CORONA beer!


Kebarbapapa (Vegan)  18€

Pita ”kebab” made out of seasoned seitan. Marinated red cabbage and red onion, lettuce, vegan chipotle and chilli-basil mayo and oat tzatziki. Served with French fries

”6/5 Best dish ever” -Barbapapa-

Drinking some: Zin Fan Del (red wine)


Tres Barettas! (Vegan) 17€

A set of three skewers of falafel, arancini and vegan chicken on a bed of couscous with a hint of lemon and mint. Coleslaw, soy vinaigrette, tzatziki, aioli, chilli-basil mayo and avocado oil.

Sipping: Terras d´Ave Vinho Verde (white wine)

Chicken goat cheese ravioli (L)  19€
It´s veggie without the chicken  15€

Herb- heaped ravishing ravioli with goat cheese cream and succulent chicken breast.  Kumma’s famous ajvar as a spicy side-kick, and a scrumptious rocket, red onion and balsamico crunch.

Drink?: Pete´s Pure G&T (Red Wine)

Stoneville´s summer cabin (L, G)  23€

Caringly simmered brisket with beer hollandaise sauce, mached potato with becon and cheese.  Brussels sprout, paprika and onions.

 To celebrate with: Callia Esperado 2019 (Red wine)

Last Hurrah! 

After Eight (Vegan, G inc. nuts)  9€

Tinder Bell -fairy dust mint-chocolate raw cake. With this dessert Your mind would like to fly to Never Never -land. 

 Magic potion: Mint licor and Baileys, shaken!

Baileys mousse and strawberries (G)  7€ (can be made vegan)

Kumma’s classic! Fresh strawberries and Baileys whipped cream and chocolate dressing. Om nom nom!

Works with! Stolichnaya Salted Caramel + Kahlua 

Junk Bar Kumma Oy

Tuesday to thursdays 16 – 23 / fridays 15 – 23 and saturdays 14 – 23

Kitchen open from opening to 22pm. 

Saturday Brunch from 12 to 15 (ON HOLD!)

Sundays and Mondays closed


Aleksanterinkatu 20, Tampere

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