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Tue-Thu 16 – 23

Fri 15 – 02 / Sat 14 – 02 / Sun 16 – 21 (Kitchen 20)

Mondays are closed.


Hallituskatu 14 Tampere




Sweet potato fries with parmesan mayo
(L, G, V) 6,90€

Tender Anarchist Skins (L, G, V on demand) …. 8,90€
Seasoned potato skins, parmesan mayo, spring onion and bacon jam.

Halloumi fries (L, G) …. 8,90€
Served with fresh mango salsa, harissa yogurt and raspberry.

Satay skewer (L, G, inc. nut)…. 8,90
Delicious satay skewer, summer squash and white raddish som tam. Choose chicken or Tofu (V)

Avocado fritter (L, V, G on demand) …. 8,90€
Deep fried avocado wedges served on Leche de tigre sauce.

Kumma’s peremech (L) …. 9,50€
Traditional treat from Tampere crinkled with great love! Juicy minced beef, harissa yogurt, and zingy pickled cucumbers with fennel.  

Tao Bao Buns (L) …. 10,90€
”Tao Tao’s favourite bao buns
Pulled five spice French duck, summer squash and white radish som tam and wasabi mayo.  
OR Five spice jackfruit. (Vegan)



Theodora’s salad (L, G, V) .. small: 9,90€ / large: 13,90€ 
If the caesars got their own salad the most famous of the wives should have one too. Gently seasoned and pan-fried lettuce, lima beans, bread crumble, fennel, Cavi-Art “caviar” and fried capers.

Hattori Hanzō’s vendace (L)…. 17.50€
Shichimi togarashi seasoned fried Finnish vendace. Spring onion pancake, wasabi mayo, Cavi-Art “caviar” and wakame with rice paper puffs. .   

Reggae Reiska (L, V on demand) …. 19,50€
Rieska (traditional Finnish flatbread) from local Penttilä farm with salad, mango salsa, leche de tigre and fried cooking banana.
Choose pulled Finnish BBQ pork cheeks or pulled BBQ jackfruit

Kumma’s Nasi Goreng (L, G, V on demand)… 15,90€ 
Fried rice seasoned with the oil of sweet matrimony of chilli and garlic. Spring onion, fresh chilli and our som tam -salad. Choose chicken or tofu satay skewer

Smash my b***h up! (Smash burger)
(L, G on
demand) …. 19,80
2 x 90g juicy burgers and cheddar between potato-based buns. Parmesan mayo, lettuce, pickled cucumber and bacon jam. Served with a side of potato skins    



Veggie Fest (L, G) …. 21,50€ 
Halloumi, green salad and vegan caesar dressing. Bread crumble and fried capers, fried avocado, BBQ jackfruit, lima beans, pickled cucumber and fennel, mango salsa and leche de tigre sauce. 

Meat Fest  (L) …. 21,50€
Finnish BBQ pork cheeks, beetroot and blue cheese sausage, some fried potato, chicken satay, bacon jam, parmesan mayo, harissa yogurt and pickled cucumber and fennel.



Mandalorian ice-humppa (V, G) … 10,50€
Kumma’s own mandarine and coconut ice cream.
Matcha cake, lemongrass syrup and rice paper puff.

Chef’s choco salted balls (L) …. 10,50€
Delicious curd doughnuts filled with miso caramel. Topped with dark chocolate, pistachio and crushed raspberry

L: Lactose-free
G: Gluten-free
V: Vegan

Please inform our staff with your diet so we can
tailor the best suited dish for you.

Junk Bar Kumma Oy

Tuesday to thursdays 16 – 23 / fridays 15 – 02 / saturdays 14 – 02 / Sundays 16 – 21

Kitchen open from opening to 22pm. 


Mondays closed


Hallituskatu 14, Tampere

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